Heard! I'll be in touch soon. - Teddy
"I like me. My wife likes me. My customers like me.
'Cause I'm the real article. What you see is what you get."
" After many years of working with camera operators & video editors, Teddy is an absolute dream in both production & post-production. He is thoughtful, creative, & a team player. Truly a pleasure to work with. I look to hire him on every applicable project & am grateful to have him in our network. Extremely talented & fun as well! I am confident he will absolutely add value to your project, no matter what it is. " - Jaya
" I've worked with Teddy professionally for a few years now ... He is extremely flexible, versatile, & a joy to work with. The videos he creates consistently get stellar ratings from our users & my colleagues. A few standout elements include Teddy's eye for detail when on a film shoot, his complete openness to feedback during the editing process, & his ability to meet tight deadlines. I couldn't recommend Teddy more strongly: he is an invaluable partner & a great human. "- Blair
" I worked with Teddy on a project for Wells Fargo [where he] traveled throughout the U.S. ... The results were ten authentic, & very professional, videos that truly enhanced the overall campaign. Working with Teddy was a fantastic experience. He brought a lot of great perspectives to the project while also being very flexible when it came to our thoughts & those of the client. I couldn't recommend Teddy enough. " - Lindsey
" Teddy is 10/10!!! We worked together to shoot some real estate content & he made me feel so comfortable. He's patient, creative, & delivers awesome, quality content. He'll be my go-to videographer indefinitely. " - Sarah
" I’ve had the privilege to work with Teddy for a couple of years now in both production & post-production. He is thoughtful, creative, & has a & and funny demeanor. Truly a pleasure to work with. I look to continue to hire him for branding & real estate shoots. He is never afraid to take in new creative projects with our team. " - Daniela
" Teddy was amazing. He made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. He had great feedback. He did exactly what I needed & didn't know I wanted! I will 100% hire him again. " - Erin
" Teddy was a game changer ... He went above & beyond our expectations ... Teddy was worth absolutely every penny & then some. Teddy captured our personalities & told a story through the music & the incredible editing he spent so much time on & put such thoughtful care into. Teddy was a true professional & we are so very grateful to have had the chance to work with him. I would highly recommend Teddy to anyone! " - Jen
" Without a doubt, Teddy was one of my favorite wedding vendors. Choosing him was one of the easiest choices I made during the planning process ... Not only is he professional, he is very personable. He caters to your cinematography needs. My wedding was the first Pakistani wedding Teddy filmed. While he had never filmed one before, you wouldn’t even be able to tell. He embraced the culture & the customs effortlessly. Most importantly, his skills allowed me to relive my wedding events over & over again. I honestly watch my wedding highlight video, at minimum, weekly – and I got married eight months ago. I enjoyed working with Teddy so much that I am looking forward to other life events for him to film! " - Amara
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